Mass for the Oppressed

Song of the Sikuliaq

Color of Gold

Composition Catalogue

“Emerson Eads has created delicious, bona fide two-part vocal writing–not just two voices who happen to be singing together– captures perfectly the nature of these two sisters’ intimate relationship. This is the kind of writing rarely found, not just in this century, but the previous one as well. The fact that the music is tonal and deeply emotional makes it a joy to listen to, and one presumes, a joy to sing as well.”
Lynn Helding

University of Southern California Thornton School of Music, Author, The Musician's Mind: Teaching, Learning, & Performance in the Age of Brain Science

“Arresting poetry and truly beautiful music . . . in ‘A Prime Number of Lines’ for the Boulanger sister, Bach-prelude-like beginnings go on strange and enchanting voyages, and creativity burns in percussive dissonances and shifting meters. The second song for Raïssa Boulanger  is a wide-ranging dirge of immense power.”
Susan Youens