Eads’ Published Songs in North Star Music Anthologies

August 4, 2021

Love Is, & When you are Old, are now published and included in Volumes 1 & 2 of these new soprano anthologies. Recordings will be forthcoming, but until then they have both been recorded and are available on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/emersoneads

You can order these anthologies here:https://www.northstarmusicllc.com/index.php/shop/

Scores are sold as PDF downloads, and will contain a small watermark with your name and date of purchase on each page. Schools and libraries can request professionally printed copies from our Printed Scores for Institutions page.

Each anthology features:

PDF file download only

20 songs written for each voice type

Text, IPA for foreign language songs, and select program notes by the composers

Song ranges

Composer information

Song texts

Curated and edited by: https://www.northstarmusicllc.com/index.php/team/

Recordings by age-appropriate voices for all Volume 1 songs will be available early in 2022. It is important for developing singers to hear repertoire sung by young singers to help them learn and embrace their own voice without trying to emulate the voices of professional singers.All Volume 1 songs will be submitted for inclusion on US Solo & Ensemble lists. North Star Music is committed to bringing the music in Modern Music for New Singers: 21st Century American Art Songs, Vol. 1 into voice studios and onto the concert stage.