Everywhere is Archipelago: A New Song Cycle for Soprano

March 10, 2022

Commissioned by Terri Eickel on four poems by Margaret Gibson

I’m delighted to announce the completion of a new song cycle, commissioned by my friend, soprano, Terri Eickel. I will never forget our first meeting. It was a piano dress rehearsal for Madam Butterfly, and Cio-Cio-san (sung by Terri) was introduced by Goro (sung by tenor, David Cangelosi) for her aria Ancora un passo or via. Her voice filled Davis Hall, like I had never heard. From that moment I was smitten by that gigantic voice, but even more by Terri’s spirit and her empathy which permeate every aspect of her life infusing her advocacy for the causes we face as inhabitants of this planet.

In this case, the cause is the environment. These poems by Gibson are utterly gut-wrenching, and demand that we realize that our success as a species depends upon our advocacy and stewardship of this gorgeous and intricate world we inhabit.

About 23 minutes in length, these four poems are set in four separate songs, intended to be performed one after the next.

  1. From the Very First, Not a Thing Is
  2. Dirt
  3. Coyote
  4. Global Warming

These songs will have their premiere this year. Stay tuned for performance venues and times.