Puget Brass Premieres Eads’ Invincible Amiability

December 11, 2023

Organist, Douglas Cleveland, joined the Puget Brass ranks to premiere Eads’ Invincible Amiability, a work for organ and British Brass Band. It was to be premiered a year ago, but just before the performance the organ was ruined by water damage, making it only possible to perform it with piano and band. The Puget Brass under the direction of Philip Tchopp, who commissioned the work and dedicated it to Norma Aamodt-Nelson and Dr. Charles F. Tschopp, premiered the organ/brass version on December 8th & 9th 2023.

When composing Invincible Amiability, Eads took a description of Walter Harper (the first Native Alaskan to summit Denali- died on board the Princess Sophia- which Eads commemorated in Fall of 2018 with an opera) by Hudson Stuck (an Episcopal Archdeacon who summited Denali with him) said: Twenty-one years old, and six feet tall, he took gleefully to high mountaineering, while his kindliness and invincible amiability endeared him to every member of the party.”

The organ takes on Walter Harper’s persona… the band and organ make the journey to summit Denali.